Awkward cargoes

Not every cargo fits into containers. Luckily there are many different container types which could accommodate awkward cargoes which are too high and/or too wide and/or too heavy for a regular closed container.

Some of the well known containers are the Open Top, Flat Rack and Platform containers, which are suitable for awkward sized cargoes but are still efficiently handled during transport. The costs of such transport is lower than conventional breakbulk. Awkward cargoes loaded into or onto special equipment is also known as “Out-of-Gauge cargo”.

Open Top containers are nearly the same as a regular closed container, however, without its steel roof. The roof is covered with a tarpaulin for protection against the elements. This tarpaulin has some flexibility to accommodate slightly overheight cargoes. Open Top containers are often used for cargoes heigher than 2,5-2,7m and/or too heavy to be forklifted into the container.

A Flat Rack container is a strengthened bottom with fixed or collapsable ends. The platform container is just the bottom, without any ends. Both the Flat Rack and Platforms are able to carry about 45-50.000kgs of cargo, compared to 24-29.000kgs which can be stuffed into standard containers.

Please let us advise you which container to choose for your awkward cargo.