Boats and Yachts

Boats and yachts can be shipped by containership or by general cargo ship.

Small boats or yachts can be stuffed onto a Flat Rack container (see awkward cargoes). The handling of the boat is flexible, as the boat or yacht remain attached to the container during loading, discharging and handling on terminals. This way of shipping is also cost efficient, as the container with the boat or yacht can take advantage of a liner service without the need to deviation by the vessel.

Larger boats or yachts can be either shipped as breakbulk onto a containership or as conventional breakbulk onto a general cargo ship. Between certain areas, such as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, dedicated yacht transporting ships which are semi submersible to ‘float’ the yachts in and out. When your boat or yacht can be shipped via a regular (container) liner service, you are able to save on your transportation costs.

Please ask us for the possibilities.