We do not only ship containers, but also have the knowledge and network to ship larger shipments by general cargo-, heavy lift-, bulk- or reefer ships. Those cargoes might not fit into or onto containers or larger projects which would fill an entire or a part of a vessel. Such vessels will be chartered and will pick up the cargo in the right port of loading and will sail towards the port of discharge without any additional cargo handlings involved with transhipment. This also reduce the risk of damages. Often those ships also have their own cargo handling gear and therefore not depending on shore cranes.

We are also able to assist you to ship bulk cargoes, such as cocoa, grains, coffee or other raw materials including the pre- and/or oncarriage from or into barges, coasters or containers to be distributed from multiple shippers and/or to multiple receivers.

For each type of cargo and destination we will find a suitable solution.