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MCM Shipping B.V. specialises in shipping goods by sea, from containers (FCL) to small part loads (LCL), temperature-controlled and hazardous cargo, oversized cargo in or on containers (Out-of-Gauge), breakbulk, either conventionally or by container ship, and chartering (part of a) ship. The possibilities are endless with ocean freight.

For larger projects which may have to be shipped in a combination of the above-mentioned options, we would be happy to advise you about the most (cost) efficient solution(s). Our wide practical know-how and network place us in an ideal position to assist you.

In addition to ocean freight, we are able to offer other services, such as customs clearance, multimodal transport before and/or after the seaborne transport, storage and transhipment, gas-measuring, degassing/fumigating, weighing containers and applying for compulsory waiver documents for various African countries.

MCM Shipping B.V. is not just any forwarder. We are a true partner and assist our clients in finding solutions for logistical problems related to transporting and handling goods by sea. We are a small team, which means we pay individual attention to your shipping needs.


Who are MCM Shipping B.V.’s customers?

If you are looking for a forwarder or shipper, you want all the logistical hassle to be taken care of. You expect your forwarder to advise you properly in order to avoid potential pitfalls. Our engagement and specialised knowledge mean we are the ideal choice for all your sea freight to Africa.

We are happy to help you consider your options in the early stages so we can offer you the most appropriate logistical solution: from selecting the shipping method to drawing up a logistical plan to ensure everything arrives in the right order and on time.

Although we focus on the African continent, the destination or origin of your goods could be anywhere. Regardless of the delivery conditions, we can take care of the entire trajectory or just the handling in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.



Naturally we offer our services to business clients of all sizes, each client is equally important as far as we are concerned. Foundations are very welcome, too.

Start-up exporters/importers and customers working on development projects will also find us their ideal partner! We just go that little bit further to take away any worries around logistics and we take that little bit of extra time to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Other forwarders

Africa is a special destination and requires particular know-how and a knowledgeable approach, which not all forwarders necessarily possess. We accept cargo from other forwarders and will handle it with care. Our built-in ethos of the shipping world means that we respect your existing relationship.

Private individuals

We also offer our services to private customers wishing to ship to a number of destinations. Particular conditions and regulations determine whether we can offer sea freight forwarding to a private customer, please  contact us for the options.

Which sea freight options can we offer you?


Containers (FCL)

There are many types of containers suitable for a variety of cargo types. Containers are suitable for boxes and crates of a standard format, including stowing a cleverly disassembled engine. If you use a full container (FCL - Full Container Load) you are the sole user of the space in the container. This speeds up handling in the ports, as you don’t need to wait for the container to be unloaded at a warehouse in the port and you can use all the available capacity of the container.

Unsure which type of container is suitable for your cargo? We would be happy to advise you on the best choice. A smart choice can save you money.


Part loads (LCL)

If you are looking to ship small batches, a complete container is not the best option. You can book your small batches as LCL (Less than Container Load), in which case your cargo will be grouped into a container with other smaller batches. This way you will share the costs with other cargo owners and you will only pay for the space actually used by your goods.

Another option is to start with a full container (FCL) for shipping and to have the container unloaded into a warehouse at the destination, in order to have it delivered to separate recipients in smaller batches (LCL), or the other way around.


Rolling cargo

It may be cheaper and more efficient to ship wheeled cargo as RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off). You take the vehicles to the port of loading yourself and you will save on the cost of transport and loading a container. The vehicles are driven on board and you pay per category of vehicle or per linear metre.


Temperature controlled cargo

Goods which need to be kept at a certain temperature during transport can be transported in so-called reefer containers. These insulated containers are fitted with their own cooling and freezing installation which is powered by the ship and terminal power supply and which will keep the cargo at the correct temperature, provided it has been loaded at the right temperature. It is important to realise that a reefer container is designed to keep a cargo at a certain temperature. It is not suitable for freezing a cargo.

In general, reefer containers are suitable for keeping a cargo at any temperature between –25˚C and +25˚C. There are also reefer containers which are able to influence some important factors such as humidity of the air and oxygen level.


Dangerous Cargo

Hazardous substances which have been classified under the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) Code are required to meet many regulations. Not only do the paperwork and labels need to be in perfect order, they must be correctly packaged and stowed in the container. If necessary, we can enlist the help of specialists to advise you.


Awkward cargo (Out-of-Gauge)

Not everything fits into a container. Luckily, there are special containers which can transport cargoes that are too tall and/or too wide and/or too heavy for a standard closed container. For instance, there are Open Top, Flat Rack and Platform containers, suitable for many cargoes and yet convenient to handle on land and on board. This also means a cost saving compared with using breakbulk.

In principle, Open Top containers are the same as standard containers, except that they do not have a steel roof. These containers are highly suitable for loads taller than 2.5-2.7 metres and/or loads with a high lifting threshold and which have to be lifted into the container from the top with a crane.

A Flat Rack container is really a reinforced bottom with upright ends at the front and back which can take a load up to 45-50 tonnes.



Any cargo that does not fit in or on a container, can be shipped as breakbulk. This may be done by conventional breakbulk ship or container ship.

Breakbulk can consist of large tools or machines, boats, yachts, large crates, tubes or heavy loads.

MCM Shipping B.V. can arrange breakbulk transport from A to B, including transport by flatbed, for instance, and professional seaworthy stowage of the cargo on board the seagoing ship.



In case of more complex logistical projects, it is good to have a single point of contact. This is reassuring and saves you time which you can spend on your core activities. Due to our many years of experience, we will prevent pitfalls which you may not have been aware of.

In case of larger projects which may have to shipped in a combination of the above-mentioned options, we would be happy to advise you on the most (cost) efficient solution(s). Our wide practical know-how and network place us in an ideal position to assist you.



Besides containers and breakbulk, we also offer options for larger bulk cargoes which are shipped in the hold of a (bulk) ship. This could be goods such as cocoa, coffee, grains, ore or other raw materials. We can also take care of pre- and/or oncarriage of bulk loads, for instance by inland navigation.



If you need to ship a large load requiring you to charter (part of) a ship, we would also be happy to assist. Because of our large network, we will be able to find the best ship for your cargo.

Such cargoes may be large projects or bulk cargoes.


Additional services
besides the sea freight

◎    Multimodal transport;
◎    Customs clearance;
◎    Issue waiver documents;
◎    Warehousing;
◎    Marine insurance;
◎    Sale of new and used containers.

MCM Shipping B.V.?

We will find the best logistical solution and you will benefit from our enthousiasm, knowledge and network.

◎    Motivated;
◎    Specialised;
◎    Versatile and flexible;
◎    Clear language.

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